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Linear Alpha
Linear Alpha, Mixed Media, 2017

Affective Accounts
Affective Accounts, Video, 2017

The Alien Present
The Alien Present, Mixed media, 2017

Deep web voids
Deep web voids, Video, 2017

The Royal Wedding
29-04-2011 (The Royal Wedding), Giclée print, 2014

R. A. F. Walker (b 1984) is an award winning British artist based in London. He studied at the Royal College of Art and has exhibited internationally. His work occupies a juncture between the machinic, the utopian and the historic.


  • GaiaNova, London, UK

  • Entangled, White City Place, London, UK

  • Entanglement - Quantum Computer Art, V&A, London, UK

  • Hamiffal, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Quids In, V&A, London, UK

  • Plant x Jewel, London, UK

  • Incremental Otherness, London, UK


  • Oslo Architecture Triennial, Oslo, Norway

  • Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury, UK

  • National Museum of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

  • IaaC, Barcelona, Spain

  • CPH Stage, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Internet Yami Ichi, Tate Modern, London, UK

  • Jena Film Festival, Jena, Germany

  • Call and Response Gallery, London, UK